Goin’ Somewhere? Easy Tips for Travelers

One of the most common questions I get as a coach is, “How do I stay on track when I travel?”

There are a multitude of tips one can employ such as bringing a travel food scale and logging everything regardless but unless your goals are to be super duper cut or to qualify for a weightlifting meet, I find that to be a bit overkill.

I prefer to follow Precision Nutrition’s guidelines, which were written for normal (or at least semi-normal) humans like us.

Aim for “better” instead of “perfect”: You aren’t going to be as in control of your intake as you are at home so when presented with choices, think about if there is something you can do that is better than what you normally would do or have done in the past.

Can you keep healthy snack options on hand (such as cut up veggies, some fruit, or a protein bar in case you get snacky? Or can you add something nutrient-dense to that meal to make it better than it normally would be? I.e., if it’s pizza, add a salad? If it’s a burger and fries, add a side of veggies? Can you get a protein box from Starbucks instead of a less nutritious option to hold you over at the airport? That kind of thing.

Think about what your “minimums” are: In other words, think about ‘at the very least, I will do [fill in the blank with some sort of healthy behavior]’.

Examples could be ‘eating a serving of greens with each meal’, ‘walking X minutes per day’, ‘getting your protein every day’, etc. We can’t always do all the things but we can pick 1 or 2 things that are accomplish-able to make it better than we normally would.

Fall back on the simple stuff: If you forget everything else or if there really is no way to get anything healthy or to walk, you can always go back to the basics and eat mindfully/intuitively, make good choices when you can, and eat until you are satisfied.

Get back on track as soon as you can: Regardless of what happens, just get back on track when you are in your normal routine. A few days won’t erase all the hard work you’ve been putting in and as soon as you get back to it, your body will adjust quickly.

Now get to traveling and making some memories!

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